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Can you make already great locally grown fruits and vegetables even better?

Our local farms and gardeners grow the most amazing fruits and vegetables – hard to imagine we could improve on them.  We don’t actually make the fruits and vegetables any “better” – we just make them last longer and “add value”.  

Using your fresh ingredients – whether by design or an unexpectedly bountiful crop – Genuine Local can help you convert that surplus to shelf stable or frozen products that can then be used to extend your selling season or to jump start your CSA baskets.

All value added products can be labeled with your own label – including identifying where the ingredients came from!  No more guessing about what “local” means!

Genuine Local has a recipe library of over 50 different recipes.  Just let us know what fruits or vegetables you have and what you’re looking for – together, we can cook up something wonderful!

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we keep improving, a little at a time, year after year

Recognizing that farmers never have enough hours in their day and that the vagaries of weather can often change the best laid plans, we wanted to create an option that would help save crop surpluses and turn them into cash for the farmers.  Bring us your ugly vegetables and we can make beautiful things together!  

In 2016, GL converted just over 2000 lbs of locally grown fruit and vegetables into value added products. 

By the end of 2018, with the support of an increasing number of local farmers,  that number jumped to over 22,000 lbs of fruits and vegetables.

Genuine Local is hoping to break the record year after year.  Give a call today and find out more!

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