Bridging The Gap for Local Makers and

Offering Small Batch Co-Packing …

Genuine Local’s on a Mission   

Genuine Local is the brainchild of two foodpreneurs who believed that making clean food with honest roots should be easier.  Genuine Local’s core mission is to lower the bar to entry for food producers.  GL fills the gap created by a lack of access to commercial production facilities  and also offers small batch co-packing.

Genuine Local provides a wide range of business development services on an a la carte basis, so that our customers get customized services when they need them.

Genuine Local can assist with label design, layout and compliance, business planning and pricing development, recipe scaling and product approvals, in addition to providing assistance in obtaining all necessary licenses and approvals.  Genuine Local also aggregates purchasing to leverage the best price for each customer.

Genuine Local’s mission is to lower that bar to entry and facilitate success!  GL is here to support you as your business grows – need more time to sell?  GL can do small batch co-packing to give you the time!

Who’s behind Genuine Local?

mary macdonald

co-owner and cruise director

Mary believes every great adventure starts with a good plan – but plans are made to be changed.   If nothing else, co-founding Genuine Local proves that to be true –

every single day! 

gavin macdonald

co-owner and chief taster

Gavin has a connection to making great food that goes back to high school.  While being a line cook was just a way point on his path to co-founding Genuine Local – that experience guaranteed that he would never go hungry! 

clarissa macdonald

director of opportunities

Finding what you love makes life more fun! 

Genuine Local is all about opportunities  – no two days are ever the same!  Clarissa loves to help people put dreams into motion and turn opportunities into reality.