Take a peek at what’s possible at Genuine Local…

If a picture is worth a thousand words,  videos are worth a million!

Until you can come visit and see the operations at Genuine Local in person, take a minute to check out the videos we have put together to help you picture what Genuine Local can help you accomplish.

Consistent with Genuine Local’s mission to help small producers achieve sustainability, the specialty food production equipment offered for use is designed to increase your production efficiency balanced with manageable production costs.  The equipment available for use includes:

40 & 80 Gallon Jacketed Steam Kettles

Convection Ovens

Dry Fill Machines (large and small particle)

8 Burner Range

Freeze Dryer (small batch)

Food Mill

Pneumatic Liquid Filler

Variety of Packaging Equipment

Cold Storage – short term

Flexible Food Prep Areas



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