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Preserve Land for Agriculture

Introducing regenerative agriculture will address best practices for adapting to the impacts of climate change and also incorporate planned diversity, a chef’s garden, a sustainable supply of ingredients for on-site production and restaurants.  This will ensure that the land is returned to farming with a goal of sustainably providing for the needs of The Belknap Foodshed and the future needs of the larger community and region.   Restoring the existing greenhouses will create agricultural opportunities and an additional training venue.


Enhance Access  to Local Markets

The location in central NH is pivotal in creating connections with all corners of the state and not only supporting, but supplementing the current efforts to aggregate and distribute local food products state-wide.  In addition to distribution off-site, farmers and food companies will have the opportunity to access the retail market at The Belknap Foodshed, as well as having their foods featured in the on-site restaurants and used for on-site events.  Training for new farmers on how to sell wholesale will expand market reach and increase collective profitability.

Needs & Opportunities

Food Company Incubator

Genuine Local has been making it easier for food companies to make clean food since January 2016.  Access to the right equipment, assistance navigating the specialized regulatory world of food production and belonging to a network of fellow business owners, with increased access to suppliers and resources results in greater success no matter how large or small the producer.  Expanding production services will increase the scope of entrepreneurs who will benefit, which will also enhance the diversity of local food offerings for retail and wholesale markets.

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foster business development & job creation

let’s support & create jobs together!

The Belknap Foodshed will foster business growth, job creation, economic diversity and enhance a sustainable food system.  How?  By providing access to the equipment, training and resources needed to grow your business and achieve success!  Integral to the success of the Foodshed will be business development opportunities, small plot intensive farming (SPIN), greenhouse operations, educational and training programs, potential market access and space to host on-site events.


Amazing training opportunities

education is the key to our collective success

The Belknap Foodshed will provide access to a wide range of new and existing educational and training opportunities.  The offerings will cover all aspects of life at The Belknap Foodshed – including training in production techniques, best practices, food safety planning, FSMA compliance, entering retail and wholesale markets, costing your products and exploring the benefits of value-added production.


Establish locavore retail & restaurant

the end game is to get clean food into our communities

… and establishing retail and restaurant space will bring the efforts full-circle!

On-site retail space will offer not only fresh produce, flowers and herbs, but also feature locally made food and food related items.  Additionally, two restaurant spaces are planned, each of which will have local at its heart.  

All three of these enterprises will offer opportunities for producers at The Belknap Foodshed to be featured for sale or on the menus, and provide invaluable wholesale and retail training.




This is a conceptual plan of where we might do what.   Have a thought?  Please share!  


A rising tide raises all ships – and The Belknap Foodshed is no exception!  The range of activities and services all come together to create one amazing network for success!

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